Give your child precisely

the education they need.

bina is comprehensive digital education. Supported by innovative technology, our master teachers develop custom learning for your child.

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Learn literacy and STEAM through stories and 

hands-on activities in your own home.


3 hours a day of live digital lessons - Enrolments open now!

Much more than
a standard education


Using interactive, adaptive live lessons, bina’s curriculum aligns with US and UK primary education standards. We design activities and assignments based on each student’s abilities and interests. A precise level of challenge means bina kids are excited by learning, not daunted or bored.

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Master teachers,
tiny classes

bina's educators boast master's degrees and an of average 13 years of classroom experience. They also have personalities and teaching methods that shine in a digital setting. Your child's needs are always met as these experts lead classes of no more than 8 students.

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Flexible education for global families

Schedules in a global community are unique to each family. That’s why ours are flexible. Children also learn and make friends with students all around the world!

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Engaging digital interface and tactile lessons

bina is engaging. Students thrive in live digital classrooms using adaptive learning activities. Learners also collaborate with teachers and peers in hands-on projects or in-person activities with nearby bina families.

 bina families say

"For me, this experience is giving her back what the usual schools are taming down, genuine curiosity. Which is the essential ingredient to learning and creating knowledge."

Angela, Marketing Consultant (Germany)

"It has been a pleasure to see the kids eager to join their online class and continue asking questions afterward."

Ross, Graphic Designer (USA)

"It is wonderful to see ‘L’ dancing, singing, laughing and speaking about “her friends at school”, even though she has never met them in person."

Karene, Archaeology Prof. (Kenya)

“I don't like it, I love it!”

Luca, 8-year-old 

“I liked our teachers, the kids, and everything else.”


James, 6-year-old 

“Now I have friends from all over the world!”

Emma, 10-year-old

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