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The bina School

Enrolling now: 4-5 year-olds. Limited Spaces available.

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Live classes. Master teachers. Comprehensive curriculum.

Digitally delivered primary education.

All bina teachers have at least 5 years of experience and hold postgraduate degrees. We support them with continuous training to ensure they are always at the top of their game.

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Tiny classes

With only 6 kids per class, your child will receive much more attention than in a traditional school.

Digitally native education

We have adopted the highest international standards and crafted them into live experiences that nurture, encourage, and inspire your child's growth.

We educate your child where life and learning take them. Kids shouldn't go to school: school should come to them.

Where they are

bina families say

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Master teachers

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bina's philosophy

We constantly craft adaptive learning paths for our students and educators. Our students meet just the right level of challenge, and our educators have continuous professional development and training.

Precision Education

We bring students from across the world together in our classrooms and actively hone their intercultural literacy.

Transnational schooling 

Ethical conduct

We are transparent and actively explainable regarding our use of data. We promise to use it solely to impact teaching and learning positively.

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We are continually developing our socio-emotional curriculum, giving equal attention to their growth as to their academic studies.

Socio-emotional learning

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Team players

We collaborate with the education community to share our efforts, practices, applications and knowledge. We also greatly benefit from the worlds of educational research and innovation continuously iterating our work.

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Find out more

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With our founding families and educators, we are building a system that will deliver precision education at no cost to families.

Globally impactful


Our Master teachers


Masters in Educational Leadership

15+ years teaching experience

“I love teaching with bina because, with the small class sizes, I can really get to know my students and personalise their instruction.”

How does bina tailor the education to the needs of my child?

With tiny classes capped at 6 students, our Master teachers genuinely get to know your child and adapt their learning experience according to their changing needs.

How does bina make their digital classrooms engaging?

Our class activities are active and hands-on to keep tiny hands and minds busy. Our digital experience is edutaining and interactive. bina's Master teachers also receive continuous training, which gives them access to new techniques, resources and tools to make your child's learning come alive.

How does bina support socio-emotional development?

In daily guided sessions, students work on social-emotional literacy, communication skills, self-control and self-awareness.

Who can apply?

Children aged 4-6 who have a strong command of spoken English. Students must be able to attend classes during CET hours.

What do I need to do as the responsible grown-up?

We ask that caring grown-ups support their child in logging in and remain close by during classes to ensure their child's safety. We kindly request that you stay off-camera and leave the teaching to us.

What tools will my child need?

  • A stable internet connection above 0.8mbps (upload and download).
  • Zoom.
  • A computer/tablet with video and audio capabilities. We recommend a minimum screen size of 9.7 inches.
  • Lots of paper, pens and pencils for class activities.

Who will teach my child and what qualifications do they have?

All bina teachers possess postgraduate degrees in education and over 5 years experience. They have worked in public, private and international schools and are recipients of continuous digital training.

What standards does the bina curriculum follow?

Our curriculum is rooted in the UK standards and draws from the US common core and the IB PYP framework. We build and develop foundational Maths, Science, Literacy and the Arts skills through story-based units.

How much time will my child spend on the computer/tablet each day?

The bina school day is split into 4 x 45 minute learning sessions. After each of these sessions, students have a 15 minute break, with an hour break for lunch. Children also will participate in off-screen, independent, playful learning activities with other children or grown-ups.

Curious to hear more?

Next cohort starts September 20, 2021


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