Give your child precisely
the education they need

Tiny classes. Master teachers. Primary education crafted to be digital.

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Education made to be digital

The best international standards crafted into a digital experience that actually works.

Master teachers

Higher degrees, at least 8 years of teaching experience and personalities that shine in a digital setting.

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Tiny classes

With only 6 kids per class, your child will receive more than 3x as much individual attention as a traditional OECD classroom.

Flexible education for global families

High-quality education from anywhere. Your child will make friends all around the world from home, the office or grandma's house.

Pick the right education for your family

Get a head start on primary school, catch up on lost learning, or learn with bina full time.

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bina Boost

1 hour class / day

2 week course

6 kids per class

4-6 year olds

5th July - 24th September
Summer Camp

Edutain your kids during the summer break.

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3 hour class / day

2 week modules

6 kids per class

4-6 year olds

Starting from 4th October
bina School
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Full-time comprehensive education.

Full-time schooling

3.5 hour class / day

6 kids per class

4-6 year olds

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