Every child deserves to have access to quality education. Let’s build that future together.

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bina is a digital education ecosystem on a mission to eliminate inequitable access to quality primary education. We deliver data-driven, transnational schooling that is made to fit the lives of today’s families.

Our Commitments

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We deliver high levels of personal care to each bina student and educator through regular individual and small-group progress check-ins.

We craft learning paths that nurture academic progress, socio-emotional development and wellbeing.

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We think long and hard about the ethical implications of our work, and we don't do it alone. We work with world-class ethicists in data and education and are committed to continuing this work as we grow.

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bina families and educators come from different countries, have different mother tongues, believe in different gods (or none at all), love who they love and come in all shapes and sizes. We cultivate classrooms that foster students’ emotional and intercultural intelligence from a young age.


What makes us different

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Tiny classes

Our classes have a maximum of 6 students which means fewer disruptions and more than three times as much individual attention from our master teachers as the OECD average.

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Adaptive lessons

To build a community where children from all over the world learn and grow together. Both because we think it's the best way to develop cultural intelligence and a peaceful world (also because it's really sweet).

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We are building a system to apply research quickly and easily connect with educational innovation. Our decision making is always evidence-based and supported by research.  

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Master teachers

With over 5 years experience and postgraduate degrees in education, bina's Master Teachers guide students through all bina classes to aid their academic and socio-emotional development.


Meet the team

Kate Asinskaya

Noam Gerstein

Bryony Whitehead

Joseph Hoppe

Ella Huddleston

Adria Trivisone

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