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  • Comfortable speaking English.

  • Aged between 4-8 years old.

  • Available to actively participate in a full-time school with an average of 6 hours of learning daily. We include time for breaks, creative outlets and physical movement.

  • Live within time zones UTC-5 to UTC+2

  • Have consistently reliable internet connection.

  • Have a quiet, lit space to learn with limited distractions.

  • Have an available computer with a webcam and microphone.

  • Have an adult nearby, minding their safety.

  • Comply with local education requirements, including homeschool registration in specific locations.

Complete application

Clue us in about your kiddo, family, priorities and educational needs. Tell us why you think bina would be the perfect fit for you!


Meet a member of our education team via live video to get to know each other better. We will have a fun gamified lesson with your kiddo and a chat with their legal guardian.

Receive decision

You'll receive feedback on our meeting (with some actionable suggestions how to best support your kiddo right now!) and a decision within a few days after the session.


After you have gotten the offer to join bina, we'll start the onboarding process! A member of our education team will ensure that your family has all the tools, tech and resources set up and you are ready before the first bina day.

Schedule info session (optional)

Schedule an optional info session with the bina educational specialists to learn more about how bina can best fit your family's educational needs.



Fall 2022‍

Onboarding & Community week: October 24-28

Last week and parent-teacher conferences: December 19-23

October 24 - December 23

Winter 2023

Onboarding & Community week: January 16-20

Last week and parent-teacher conferences: March 27-31

January 16 - Mar 31

Spring 2023

Onboarding & Community week: April 17- 21

Mid-term break May 29 - June 2

Last week and parent-teacher conferences: July 10-14

April 17 - July 14

Summer 2022‍

Onboarding & Community week: Aug 1-7

Last week and parent-teacher conferences: October 3-7

August 1 - October 7


Our standard pricing is $825 monthly. We offer discounts for prepayments, siblings and financial assistance to qualifying families.

Every child deserves a high-quality education, and we offer range of financial support options. Don't let price be a reason to stop you from applying!


Local school is old school. Transnational is the new standard.

We offer a full-time, comprehensive online Preschool and Primary programme where kiddos learn daily with peers and educators from all over the world.

We accept applicants on a rolling basis and have limited space (don't wait to apply!)

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The bina School is an international online primary school and kindergarten made to fit the lives of families today. Classes of just 6 students are led through 4 hours of daily lessons by highly-qualified and internationally-experienced teachers in real-time. We are building a future where every child has access to quality education.

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