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How we built bina’s curriculum

Asher’s family moves frequently– sometimes they’re living close to a high-quality school that offers an international curriculum, and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes Asher is ...

How to successfully homeschool, even if you work 40 hours a week

  As parents, we are constantly juggling time dedicated to work and time spent with our families. The pandemic changed the regular routine to include a unicycle and flaming ...

Q+A with the founder

Noam Gerstein is the CEO & founder of The bina School. She lives in Berlin, enjoys practicing yoga and reading Harry Potter with her kids, and is absolutely obsessed with ...

Six ways your kiddo can benefit from learning online

What are the benefits of online learning?   What are the benefits of online learning? First of all, we’ve got to start by saying that not all “online learning” is created equal. ...

The Admissions Call: What to expect

 You’ve checked out The bina School’s website, you’ve decided to fill out an application, and now it’s time for an Admissions Call! But what exactly is an Admissions Call, and is ...

Seven things to consider when choosing an online primary school

Deciding on an online school is a major undertaking. If you’re a family that moves frequently, maybe you’re trying to find an option that will offer your child an exceptional ...

Your questions answered about financial aid at bina

One of our core values is working toward a world in which quality education is available to everyone, everywhere. We never want families to be put off by price, so we offer ...

Why social-emotional learning matters

Theo logs into his bina classroom on a Monday morning. His dad just left for a work trip and Theo is feeling a little sad and unsettled. As always, his teacher does a routine ...

Six reasons we love small class sizes

At bina, each Master Teacher is matched with a class of six students. Teacher attention is more focused, feedback is more frequent, and students are more likely to engage with ...