bina bundles are here! Get started with two weeks of engaging lessons.

Kids learn literacy and STEAM through stories and hands-on activities at home.


Study hours




2-week blocks

3 hours each week day

Anywhere with broadband around the CET timezone

€225 per week


There were some small delights in the chaos of 2020 that weren’t there before; enjoying lunch with your kids, understanding where they are with their learning and ditching your morning commute.

bina bundles give you everything you loved about spending more time with your kids, without the headache of organising their education.

Your kids will still learn all the classics: Literacy as well as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). However, bina kids learn in a classroom flow, connecting each area of learning to a situation within a story. 

The material shown to every student on their own device is personalised to suit their learning style and understanding.

bina bundles give your family a chance to trial digitally native education while your kids are edutained!


Classes are broken down into 2 x 90-min sessions per day with an hour-long break in-between.


We still have spots for children aged 4-6. For ages 7-10, please join our waitlist!

Content & Interface

bina bundles focus on literacy and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Unlike traditional primary schooling, our method weaves standard academics and socio-emotional skills into cohesive, educational stories.


While our digital classroom is engaging and interactive, It’s not all screen time, bina kids collaborate with teachers and peers in hands-on projects. 


What students learn aligns with US educational standards and we design activities and assignments based on each student’s abilities and interests. 


Our 2021 cohorts are open! Schedule a short video meeting with our education experts to get to know each other and make sure we are the right fit.

This also gives us a chance to accurately place your kids with academic and socioemotional peers! 


Each group has no more than 6 students and is paired with the most suitable teacher for their learning style.


Our teachers all have Master's degrees, an average of 13 years of classroom experience, as well as training and personalities suited for a digital environment.

We always match students with the most compatible teachers and classmates!

Parental Role

While your student is in their bina lesson, a parent or guardian must always be nearby. However, they will not be responsible for guided learning (leave that to us!).


We encourage parents or guardians to support and occasionally join in selected activities!

Technical Requirements

• A computer or tablet with camera & audio capabilities

• Firefox or Chrome browser

• A printer

• A strong internet connection, minimum upload/download speed 1Mbps/1Mbps, recommended 4Mbps/4Mbps

• A natural curiosity and interest in learning


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