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Three hours of daily home-office; guilt-free and undisturbed for your employees. 

Do you want to make your employees life easier during Covid19? bina is launching class bundles for corporations!

  1. Increase productivity

  2. Nurture diversity

  3. Retain talent

  4. Deliver SDG goals

For your employees:

  • Three hours of daily live lessons, 6-8 students per teacher. We alternate short lessons, collaborative problem-solving, and individualized exercises

  • 180 hours of peaceful work for your employees and adaptive learning for their children

  • 2 week modules and summer school


For your business:

  • Communication across social media on how your company is supporting parents including parent interviews 

Plug & Play program

  • Two Master Teachers, highly experienced with live classes: one for STEM, one for Literacy.

  • 6-8 students per group

  • Live classes via Zoom, collaborative whiteboard and gamified apps

  • Feedback for families

  • Your employees feel emotionally supported and can deliver their work without feeling guilty about home schooling

How does it work?

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