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Full-time, online primary school for 4 to 8 year-olds learning everywhere

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Personalized, adaptive learning

Each student’s learning experience reflects their individual needs, abilities, and interests. We craft real-time, valuable feedback to meet the needs of each learner, and follow up with tailored instruction.

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Micro classes

Each bina classroom has just 6 students, which is a third of the average class! Attention matters most, and we offer it.

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Experienced Master Teachers

Digital is their motherland and bina educators continuously train to guide within it. With over 5 years of experience and a postgraduate degree, bina Master Teachers have taught in schools all over the globe; now they educate the world.

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Social & emotional learning

We respect each learner for who they are with a sense of wonder, vulnerability, empathy, and openness. We guide students with impartial observations, support their reflections and work with them on actionable feedback.

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Thematic learning

Our units are thematic; each unit is centered around a different biome. We ground all learning in practical, everyday concepts: watch your child learn about math, science, phonics, art, and more under the umbrella theme of a particular biome, such as 'rainforest' or 'desert'!

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Academic standards

We completely cover and exceed education standards from both the UK and the US Common Core. We also incorporate elements of the IB PYP framework.

How does bina work?

Learning at bina is mobile, agile, theme and inquiry based. We offer a balance of live, teacher-led learning sessions and independent activities.
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What bina families are saying ❤️

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Yesterday at dinner I asked my daughter what her favourite moment was from school, and she replied, “all of it.”

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Madison adores her teacher, Georgie. Since starting, she has become so much more outgoing and absolutely loves meeting her new friends across the world!

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The bina School is a perfect fit for my son. He has made huge progress since starting and, most importantly, feels proud of himself!

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bina has completely changed our perception of online schooling! Our boys relish every moment with their new friends they met in their class from another part of the world.

Saudi Arabia - Ethiopia

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