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Learning Experience Developer

bina is growing, and we are looking for a Learning Experience Developer. Could it be you?

We are a digital education ecosystem made to provide personalised education for 4-12-year-olds at scale. We deliver quality, transnational schooling that is made to fit the lives of today's families. Despite recent digitalisation efforts, we consider there is still a way to go. We are building towards a primary education system tailored to every child's needs and delivery methods to adapt to family or geographic requirements. At bina, we are looking to create sustainable and scalable solutions to challenges faced globally in education.

We are building bina in two phases:

  1. The bina School operates as a comprehensive, synchronous, international primary school marketed directly to parents and HR departments. It is the cost-effective development of bina products and brands.

  2. bina-as-a-service offers accreditation, teacher training and methodology, licensed globally to public and private educational systems.

We aim to create precision education based on data-driven pedagogical approaches through best-in-class technological tools to cross social, economic, and geographic barriers.

We are a mission-driven, pre-seed stage startup backed by the Berlin Founders Fund and are in the last stages of closing our initial funding round, led by Taizo Son at Mistletoe.

How it works​

We are building a product that integrates and curates existing 3rd party applications into a cohesive educational experience. The front end is a sleek, intuitive schooling experience for students, educators and families. In the back end, we unify the data sets and, through cross-analysis, aim to understand our students and educators' development. With it, we will craft precision education, offer valuable real-time feedback and adapt learning paths. Educational experience in bina includes theme-based learning weaving intercultural and socio-emotional elements into the overall learning experience.

The role

Are you interested in reimagining curriculum development? Have you got a penchant for research and data-driven approaches? Are you excited about using the latest technology tools to update education delivery methods? This could be the job for you. You will guide the design of a digital (and some hands-on) curriculum, focusing on synchronous learning that leverages data and analysis to create personalised learning trajectories.

Major Responsibilities

  • Develop K-5 curriculum for the bina school. The framework, units, and significant assessments will be suitable for online, synchronous learning, and it will be flexible to feedback and results.

  • Support teachers as they develop learning objectives, design lessons, select apps and materials, and assess student progress

  • Contribute to planning, organising, and facilitating teacher training

  • Facilitate workshops with teachers and learners to incorporate feedback

  • Hypothesise and test digital learning techniques

  • Work alongside our product team to ensure the educational goals and the measurements are tracked and analysed.

  • As a key member of our education team, participate in strategic planning, program development, and teacher hiring and support.


What it’s like at bina

  • All the expected goodies of an early age startup

  • A problem-driven company

  • A transparent and friendly company culture

  • Flexible work schedule - compatible with Central European work hours

  • Remote-first company though we are keen to talk to the right candidate about temporary relocation to Berlin


Here’s what we need

  • You are passionate about education and want to make a difference.

  • You have expertise in designing and implementing K-5 (primary school) curriculum across various subjects (STEM, Literacy, Art, Music, etc.)

  • You have expertise in teaching global awareness and expertise in educating about various cultures.

  • You have experience integrating different subjects under one thematic umbrella.

  • You are perceptive and system-oriented. You have an experimental design practice to help make informed decisions on addressing each child's needs at scale.

  • You know what it takes to make digital learning exciting for kids (especially 4-6-year-olds)

  • You are versed in international primary school/K-5 educational standards.

  • You are excited about the power of technology to enhance students' learning.

  • You are looking for a challenging role with a high level of personal agency.

  • You have a mindset that reflects the values of bina.

Does this sound like you? Join us!
Kindly send your CV and cover letter to

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bina is made to deliver personalised primary education at scale. Education at bina is digital, borderless and made to fit the lives of global families. We are building a future in which every child has access to quality education.

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