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Master Teachers

bina is growing up, and we are looking for Master Teachers. Could you be one of them?

Full time


bina is a digital primary education ecosystem made to provide personalised education for 4-12-year-olds at scale. We are an early-stage startup backed by Silicon Allee in Berlin and are in the last stages of closing our initial funding round, led by Taizo Son at Mistletoe.


We are building bina in two phases:

  1. The bina School operates as a comprehensive, synchronous, international primary school marketed directly to parents and HR departments. It is the cost-effective development of bina products and brand. 

  2. bina-as-a-service offers accreditation, teacher training and methodology, licensed globally to public and private educational systems. Once established, precision education will cross social, economic and geographic barriers.

bina's mission is to make quality education accessible across the globe – irrespective of social, economic and geographic factors.


Our offer to you

  • An impactful role: You will be a key player in building an influential product with the potential to change how early education is delivered globally, as well as improving families' lives at scale.

  • A transparent and friendly company culture: We are a close-knit and diverse team, emphasising shared values and empathy. We are crafting an inclusive and collaborative environment reflecting the values of the education we are building. 

  • Flexibility: We love working (and lunching) in our Berlin office, but work is a set of tasks, not a place. Our team is free to choose where and how they work, taking accountability for their schedules and ensuring constant progress. 

  • Tools and support:  We strive to provide you with all the tools necessary to make your work wonderful.


Where you come in

You love teaching. You are an experienced educator who uses and adopts new technologies easily. You are excited by the opportunity to build the future of primary education, using data and research to guide your decisions. You are an active listener who thrives when collaborating with a variety of key players, both internal and external to bina. You want to ensure that every child receives precisely the education they need. 


What success in the role looks like

  • You’ve provided an amazing educational experience for every student.

  • You’ve responded to feedback from bina students and families to continuously develop new teaching strategies.

  • You’ve personalised the learning experience of each student based on their strengths and weaknesses.

  • You’ve kept the ethical implications of your work at the forefront of your mind.

  • You’ve helped design systems and processes that will make future bina classrooms run more smoothly.


As a dream candidate, you bring

  • Vast teaching experience, both on- and offline. 

  • Knowledge and awareness of current EdTech offerings and the hunger to discover new tools.

  • Lashings of intercultural awareness to ensure bina classrooms are diverse and inclusive spaces.

  • Availability to work during Central European Time (CET) working hours.

  • The drive to continuously grow and learn with ongoing training and support.

  • A mindset which reflects the values, ethics and morals of bina.

Does that sound like you? Join us!

Send your CV and cover letter to

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bina is made to deliver personalised primary education at scale. Education at bina is digital, borderless and made to fit the lives of global families. We are building a future in which every child has access to quality education.

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