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Learning is an art as well as a science. Education should be fun and interactive, but needs to be grounded in evidence, backed by research, and tested, tested, tested.


We care about our student's academic as well as socio-emotional development. We've painstakingly designed bina just for them. 


We respect, admire, and support our teachers as maestros of their craft and as stewards of our collective future.


At bina, our students learn through innovative education technologies +  up-close interactions with culture, the natural world, and one another.

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Noam Gerstein

As a human rights activist and entrepreneur, I am fascinated by early education and how it affects equity in every aspect of society.  I immersed myself in this work determined to observe and listen to children, parents, teachers, and education experts across the globe. As a mother of two multinational kids, I am on a mission to make education global and adapt it to our lives as young families today.

Zachary Bowen

I'm an engineer with a background in big data, but my first career was as an educator. I taught in a variety of environments, from remedial classes for college age students to a digital high school for gifted students. I love teaching, and want bina to be a place where our teachers have every tool they need to do their best work.

John Hall

My career as a teacher and administrator took me from international schools to US schools and back to international schools. Across each of these experiences, I was consistently surprised at how similar — and often boring — their approach to teaching was. Now as a scholar of school systems, I have come to understand why these ineffective traditional approaches persist and I am passionate about designing systems of schooling that break out of this mold.

Emily Hirschberg

School was boring for me. I spent that time writing notes and imagining stories in my head, interacting with my classmates and reading books under the desk. Who knew that I was actually preparing myself for a career as a writer, storyteller, and community-builder? I'm inspired by an educational shift that focuses on fluidity and students' needs rather than standardization and mass-production. bina is the school I wish I had gone to, and I'm excited for what a generation of bina kids will mean for the world of tomorrow. 

Karine George

I am a life-long learner with a passion to re-imagine a new future for education, having worked in the education sector for nearly four decades. My career to date has been varied in both national and international contexts. As Headteacher, Strategic Lead, Consultant leader and Advisor my mission has always been to ensure that we are preparing our children for their ‘future and not our past’ and to give them the best chances to be ‘life-ready, world-ready and work ready’ by igniting their passion for learning. I am excited to be working with bina which allows children to break free from the confines of the classroom and work collaboratively in an exciting dynamic learning environment with other children across the world.

Imani Jackson

Since I was a little girl I have been enthralled by the innumerable ways that diverse cultures and languages enrich our communities. My teaching career includes many years at a French immersion school, where I was able to combine my love of language and my passion for reading with my interest in technology and the arts. I am eager to continue my own professional learning and to support the academic, social, and cultural growth of all my students.

Monica Ford

Monica Ford is an educator with Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland currently teaching 2nd grade. As a career educator with over 15 years of experience, she has taught early childhood through high school. She teaches by channeling students’ natural intellectual curiosity into active learning, critical thinking and problem-solving. When she is not teaching you might find her reading, at a play, or with her family on the beach.

Lasya Ketha

As a girl that hails from a remote village in India, I am passionate about education for all and strongly believe that flexibility is a must that schools should provide. A mechanical engineer according to my bachelor’s degree, an automotive designer by experience and a business student now, I am interning at bina as a fundraising manager. I stand by the notion that parents should never have to decide between their career and their kids’ education and I know bina is here to ensure that.

Stephanie Griffiths

I worked in digital in both blue-chip multinationals and startups. Through volunteering for AppsforGood and coaching students at Esade I realized how much digital could help to personalize education. When I had my third daughter we couldn’t find a place in a nursery. I looked for a digital education solution to assist me in teaching her in a fun way. Sadly nothing professional was available. I never wanted her to be glued to a tablet, for me "Tech used the right way, more time outdoors to play."

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