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6 is a perfect number. Experience our
micro classes.

Our standard pricing is $825 monthly.

We offer discounts for prepayments, siblings and financial assistance to qualifying families.

Every child deserves a high-quality education, and we offer a range of financial support options. Don't let price be a reason to stop you from applying!

Tuition for bina includes

Daily Live Online Lessons, 4 hours a day

Micro Class Sizes (6:1)

Experienced, certified Educators with postgraduate degrees

Proprietary SEL curriculum

Continuous Assessments

Transnational Community

Short Feedback Loops

Independent Home Learning

Projects (1-2 hours daily)

Progress Reports

Teacher Feedback & Support

Weekly 1:1 Teacher Meetings

10% -20%

Sibilings discounts

We offer extra discounts for siblings of 10% and 20% for the third kiddo.



Yearly save $0

$9900 a year

We want quality education to be available to all and work hard to get the world there. In the financial aid form, you will be asked to state your income and what you can afford to pay for The bina School. Given this information and other factors you wish to share, we’ll evaluate your support request. We have limited spots available within our classes, so we recommend you apply as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of support.

Financial aid



20% discount

$8000 a year

Yearly save $1900



10% discount

$8800 a year

Yearly save $1100

Once your child is accepted to bina, we charge an admissions deposit of $500 to secure the place of your child. This fee is required within seven working days. We will refund your deposit when the school contract ends, and all the outstanding fees are paid.

Prior to admissions meetings, we require a non-refundable and non-transferable $20 registration fee. This fee is set in place to ensure equal levels of commitment across the board, and set your family up in the best possible way for your educational journey with bina. The registration fee also includes a gamified 1:1 placement assessment with our Admissions team.

Deposit & Fees

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The bina School is an international online primary school and kindergarten made to fit the lives of families today. Classes of just 6 students are led through 4 hours of daily lessons by highly-qualified and internationally-experienced teachers in real-time. We are building a future where every child has access to quality education.

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