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"We love the social and emotional work that you do with the kids. She uses those skills every day. She's made great improvements with math as well. We appreciate the flexibility so that we can have the lifestyle we want. It's all because of bina."


Lorena, Brazil
"I can't rave enough about bina! She has been so happy. I see how she's thriving and how she loves going to class every day. I love how the teachers handle challenges with the children. They're very patient and attentive. They mimic how to regulate in difficult situations."


Paul, Mexico
"There's so much we love about bina! There's a good mix of different types of activities, using art and fun and games, which keeps her attention. She says the school days go so fast! We tell her that time flies when you're having fun. We appreciate the routine of checking in, talking about feelings, and asking what's going on with each other. She's building her emotional intelligence and gaining tools to help herself."


Amanda, Canada
"Yesterday at dinner, I asked my daughter what her favorite moment was from school, and she replied - All of it!"


Betsy, USA
"bina has completely changed our perception of online schooling! Our boys relish every moment with new friends they met in class from another part of the world."


Kirubel, USA
"Madison adores her teacher, Georgie. Since starting, she has become so much more outgoing and absolutely loves meeting her new friends across the world!"


Olive, Ireland



A preview of digital classroom of kids learning about Aztec temple

Wherever you are, your child will get the highest-quality, accredited education with their tiny group of friends from all over the world.

bina school micro classes

Nurtured by experts, surrounded by friends

Concerned about your child getting lost in the crowd? At bina, that's never an issue. With just 7 kids per class and educators with years of global experience, your child is seen, heard, and cherished. 
bina school Accredited curriculum

World-ready and academically strong

Our curriculum is fully accredited, meeting all UK and US educational standards. It's a comprehensive academic foundation that prepares your child for success, both in top global schools and in life. 


bina school Thematic learning

From blah to aha! Every lesson is a discovery

Thematic learning at bina turns lessons into adventures. Your child masters academics while exploring biomes like rainforests or tundras. It's smart learning that shapes global citizens.

Lifelong friends: find your child's tribe at bina

Our daily Social-Emotional Learning program turns classrooms into life labs. Here, your child learns to be empathetic, responsible, and authentic. The result? A well-rounded kid ready for real-world success.

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Why choose bina?
We get your hustle and their dreams

children looking at a satellite and mountains

Meet your child's crew

• Up to 7 kids in a group 
• 4-12 year-olds 
• 2 educators matched with each class 
• Bi-weekly one-on-one teacher meetings
bina school your year

More learning, less stress

• >260 learning days a year
• 4 quarters, with breaks in between
bina school their day

Full days, fulfilled kids

• Monday through Friday 
• 4h daily online live lesson 
• 1h independent learning projects 
• 0.5h digital playground 
a parent ditting on a couch with a kid and a white owl

In-the-know parenting

Real-time teacher feedback 
Direct messaging for families 
Ever-adapting progress reports 
Global community support

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Your starting point:
Adventure for kids, answers for families


Step 1: Family sneak peek

Explore 8 biomes through the bina lens and get a tailored overview of our offerings for your family.

Step 2: Your child's bina quest

Your child dives into the bina-verse with edu-play, and you receive custom growth strategies.

Step 3: Smooth sailing to day one

We guide your family through easy onboarding, prepping you for an awesome first day.

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Your path to premium education,
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$875 / month
quarterly subscription

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$857 / month
yearly subscription

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$831 / month
We offer a 10% discount for siblings after the first fully enrolled child.
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Your path to premium education,
priced right

We offer also a 10% discount for siblings after the first fully enrolled child.
Monthly membership


full price
paid monthly
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Quarterly membership


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monthly payment

full price

$875 / month

quarterly payment

2% discount

$857 / month

yearly payment

5% discount

$831 / month


We offer a 10% discount for siblings after the first fully enrolled child.



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