Deciding on an online school is a major undertaking. If you’re a family that moves frequently, maybe you’re trying to find an option that will offer your child an exceptional education while also giving them the chance to develop friendships that remain constant no matter where you’re living. If you’re a family considering homeschooling, perhaps you’re on the lookout for a programme that will lend structure to your days and provide a roadmap for your child’s learning journey. Or maybe you have other reasons for wanting to find a schooling option that allows your child to learn from home. 
Which online schooling option fits your family best? We’ve put together a list of seven areas you might consider when making the all-important decision of where you want to enroll your child:

Student-teacher ratio

In a large class, it’s not uncommon for students to “fall through the cracks” and end up bored, behind, or both. As you look into different online schools, check on how many students are allowed in a class. At bina, we cap class sizes at 7 students, which allows our teachers to give each student individualised attention and timely feedback.


Qualified teachers

Find out what you can about teachers’ qualifications and experience. Teachers at bina all have a postgraduate degree, at least five years of experience as educators, and receive continual professional development training opportunities. Our kiddos are in good hands!


Comprehensive curriculum

Not all online schools are created equal, especially when it comes to their academic programme. Ask what’s covered and how progress is measured and communicated. Our well-rounded curriculum pulls from a variety of international standards and provides our students with knowledge and skills across a wide variety of academic subjects, from literacy to numeracy.


Student engagement

Consider whether an online school will keep your particular child engaged and attentive– you know your kiddo better than anyone, so you probably have a good idea of what kind of environment keeps them captivated. Our teachers incorporate a wide variety of strategies to keep our little ones totally immersed in their learning.


Social-emotional learning

Consider whether it’s important to you that your child’s online school prioritises overall student well-being. We integrate social-emotional learning into each day of lessons, providing our students with foundational tools to support them in becoming more empathetic, confident, and resilient.


Social opportunities

Some online learning options offer opportunities for students to engage with peers, and some do not. At bina, our school days center around live, interactive lessons, in which students engage with a teacher and five classmates. Our students improve their communication skills, grow their confidence, and make life-long friends from around the world.


Supportive learning environment 

Transitioning into online learning is a change for your entire family, so you want to make sure there will be support for you and your child. We offer continual support for everything from technical issues to academic questions to social concerns. We focus on making sure the school day is easy for our students to navigate and has a personal feel– our teachers and everyone else on our team is approachable and more than willing to support you and your child with all bina-related questions, across the board.