Do parents need to be present for bina’s online lessons? The quick answer is: you know your child best, so we trust you to decide how much or how little your child needs you by their side. 


Let’s get into it a little more… 

We aim to focus on student interaction during our lessons, and our Master Teachers are fully prepared to lead all learning activities, discussions, crafts, and games without parental guidance. During learning sessions, our students typically don’t need any parental involvement at all. With predictable routines, clear instructions, and plenty of opportunity to ask a teacher for help, students are supported and parents are generally able to keep their distance and do their own thing while class is in session. However, we know that sometimes it’ll be necessary for you to pop in and give your child some support.



Learning is done best when there is a home-to-school connection, so while you may not be needed to help your child during the school day, we encourage you to check in with them when lessons are over. There might be a task they need to complete, something they’re wondering about, or a fun moment from the day they want to share with you. 
Our students often need help from parents during times of transition– such as getting their learning station set up for the day or remembering when to return to their device after breaks. This is particularly true for students when they are first starting at bina; it takes a few weeks for them to feel fully confident in navigating a new learning environment without you. Students sometimes need reminders to use the restroom or have a snack or a drink during breaks, so we appreciate when parents can step in to make sure that our kiddos are all set and ready to learn when it’s time to return to their devices once breaks are over.


How to set up your kiddo to be as self-sufficient as possible for their day of learning

One way that you can prep your child for a smooth and successful day of class without too much parental involvement is to set up a dedicated learning space. It’s a good idea to have all the supplies on hand that they might need (paper, pencils, coloured pencils, markers, tape, glue, child-friendly scissors) and try to remove anything that you know will distract your child (especially other screens). You might also find it helpful to hang a daily schedule with visuals somewhere both you and your child can see it so that you can get used to the learning routine. Make sure their device is fully charged each morning. A comfortable, quiet learning space can make a world of difference in helping your child focus and get the most out of their lessons.
Our aim is to keep the majority of learning sessions free from parental engagement so that our Master Teachers can focus fully on their students. But we also appreciate parents stepping in to support their kiddos when needed! 
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