If you’re considering sending your child to preschool, you’re likely already aware of the benefits: developing motor skills and language skills, interacting with peers, learning to take turns and follow instructions, growing in self awareness and self esteem, and so much more. But what is the right age for kids to begin attending preschool? As you might expect, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Most children start preschool sometime between the ages of 3 and 5, but some preschools open their enrollment to little ones as young as 18 months.

Age is just one of many factors to consider when you’re trying to determine whether your own kiddo is ready for preschool. Deciding on when and where to send your child probably feels like a big responsibility– preschool helps to set the foundation for their education and you want them to have a wonderful experience! We’ve got some ideas of other questions to ask yourself as you work toward figuring out what’s best for your child and your family as a whole.

Here are 7 things for parents to consider:

1. Your child’s age and birthday may factor into when they begin preschool. At bina, students can enroll as young as 4 years old, and with our 8 times per year starting dates, your child can start exactly when they’re ready. 

2. Many preschools may also require potty training completion prior to beginning, preschoolers should have some form of self care and here at bina, we also have self hygiene focused standards for our four year olds working to develop the “whole” child, but if potty training hasn’t happened just yet, we’re just down the hall from your home bathroom when they’re ready.

3. Students should be able to follow basic instructions, and practicing this in your everyday life is a great way to reinforce this concept. One way is to have your preschooler help you with setting the dinner table, switching the laundry over, feeding the animals, or whatever “small” task they can help you complete is a milestone for them developmentally (and encouraging for them, too!). 

4. Many preschool ready students speak in 3-5 word sentences, but there is no “normal” or requirement here as every student is different, and being around other students their age and working directly with their master teacher and Teacher Assistant, they will continually develop and refine their language skills.

5. One transition preschoolers need to make is operating on a schedule, but transitions at Bina are easy as they’re guided from activities to guided lessons, to movements to circle time to snack or lunch! There are five blocks of learning each day, with multiple built-in breaks. Every student also has a visual student timetable, made personally FOR THEM, that helps them prompt what is next “now,” tomorrow, and every day. 

6. Separation anxiety can cause a lot of stress for both parents and children as they transition into preschool. One of the best things about The bina School is that the students get a home based education, with a teacher, and a parent, caretaker, or loved one just down the hall… independently learning from  highly educated, encouraging teachers, filled with childhood interaction, and without leaving your living room!

7. Socialization is one of the key accomplishments of preschoolers, and learning social and emotional learning and skills is KEY to not just academic success but lifetime happiness and success- every day students get to socialize with peers, play at “playground,” read aloud, sing songs, and more! 

The term "preschool readiness" means different things for different families and schools. All children develop at their own pace and there are no perfect answers to the questions of when and where to enroll your child in preschool. Once you're aware of your options (both in-person and online), ask plenty of questions to get a good picture of how your child might benefit from the different programmes available.

If you're curious to learn more about bina, book a call with us-- we'd love to help you learn more about our school and how we could be a wonderful fit for your family.