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Built on UK, US and International Baccalaureate standards, students follow a comprehensive academic programme that includes Maths, Science, English, and more

Social-emotional learning

bina students cover a socio-emotional learning programme that helps students to become emotionally and interculturally intelligent global citizens

How the bina programme is built

How the bina programme is delivered

At bina, everything students learn is connected through a theme-based learning approach. bina equips students with the interdisciplinary academic skills they need by connecting the dots of everything they learn




Motor skills



Spoken language





How children learn at bina

Live, teacher-led classes 

with classmates from around the world

Independent learning activities 

crafted for students' specific needs

Weekly deep-dive reflection sessions 

to further expand students' learning

A day at the bina School

The bina day is made up of live classes and independent learning activities to enhance students’ learning experiences

Save the dates

1st term

11th October - 17th December

2nd term

3rd January - 18th March

3rd term

4th April - 17th June

4th term

18th July - 9th September

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Learning at bina

A comprehensive digital learning experience for children aged 4-5

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bina is made to deliver personalised primary education at scale. Education at bina is digital, borderless and made to fit the lives of global families. We are building a future in which every child has access to quality education.

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