Ops Intern - Full Time (CET)

Do you dream of spreadsheets? Is "organised" your middle name? Can you juggle tasks like a circus pro? Are you in sync with the CET timezone? And is an internship the only thing standing between you and your diploma?

Well, strap in because we've got the ride for you! At bina, we're looking for an Ops Intern ready to leap headfirst into the whirlwind world of startups. We're hunting for a detail-hungry, action-ready individual who thirsts to learn.


About you
You're a hands-on, dive-right-in person, ready to tackle the beast of operational excellence. Your eye for detail rivals a hawk's, and you're not afraid to flaunt it.


About us
At bina, we're shaking up global primary education with a healthy dose of tech and a massive serving of gusto. Our digital primary school is a bustling global community where students learn from world-class educators. But it's not just academics - we're all about social-emotional learning, cultural awareness, and being eco-conscious too.


Your role
• The Maestro of Many Tasks- From aligning schedules to analysing data, you'll help make our operations as smooth as a freshly Zambonied ice rink. 
• The Juggler- Your role will spin from customer support to office admin faster than a hamster on a wheel - but you're up for the challenge.
• The Cat Herder- Startup life can feel like herding cats while balancing on a tightrope, but you have the humour and grit to handle it with a smile. 
• The Collaborative Conductor- You'll be the secret ingredient in our machine, orchestrating harmony between all our teams.


• Work for a company with heart, hustle, and a hefty dose of humour.
• Hierarchies? Flat as a pancake!
• Transparency? We serve it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
• Learn, grow, and find a new favourite coffee blend.
• Work from home (who needs a commute when you've got cosy slippers?).
• If we love you and you love us, we stick together. 


You bring
A hunger to learn and the willpower to make waves. A willingness to test new tools and tech until they break (and then some). Fluent in English and the ability to work full-time in the CET timezone.


Sound like your cup of tea? Awesome! Put down that game controller and send your CV and cover letter to hr@thebinaschool.com. Time to kick start your career!

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