At bina, each Master Teacher is matched with a class of up to seven students. Teacher attention is more focused, feedback is more frequent, and students are more likely to engage with their learning. Here are the top reasons we LOVE our small class sizes at bina:

1. Student-teacher relationships

In our small classrooms, our teachers have the time and energy to get to know their students beyond the surface level, becoming familiar with their strengths, needs, and interests. When our students feel comfortable and secure, they’re more likely to take learning risks, admit that they need help, and be more engaged in their learning overall.

2. Student friendships

We prioritise creating a welcoming, accepting, and encouraging environment in our classrooms. Our students cheer each other on, inspire each other, and support one another through their mistakes. (We love mistakes– they’re proof that you’re trying!) Many of our students come from families that are on the move, which can be tricky for developing friendships. With only seven students in each classroom, our kiddos are able to form real friendships, which contributes to a positive learning space. It doesn’t take long before our students feel relaxed and at ease around each other. There’s plenty of laughter in our lessons!

3. Individualised and frequent feedback

Giving our students helpful, specific, and frequent feedback is a cornerstone of how we work at bina. This individualised feedback is made possible through small class sizes; our teachers are able to evaluate their students on a daily basis to ensure that everyone is understanding the material and reaching their full potential. 

4. More ideas and perspectives are shared

With fewer students in a class, there are more opportunities for kids to share their ideas and express their perspectives. There’s simply more time and space for them to speak up. Everyone has the chance to contribute to class conversations. This fosters confidence in our students, as they gain practice speaking in front of others and expressing their thoughts aloud.

5. Teachers can adjust the pace and depth of lessons in real-time

Our teachers are able to customise lessons based on what their small class needs that day. Depending on the response of their students to a particular topic, our teachers can slow down their pace and allocate more time to digest the material if they observe that it’s needed. Instruction is tailored to ensure that each student is getting the instruction they need. 

6. Calmer environment

In a class of seven students, there are fewer disruptions than, say, a class of 26. Consider the time that’s taken up in a larger class with taking attendance, passing out papers, checking that all 26 students understand the task, and attempting to give helpful feedback to as many students as possible. With fewer students, there’s just more time for the good stuff! Along with instruction time, our kiddos are able to participate in a variety of fun learning activities that involve crafting, music, movement, humour, and games.
Keeping our class sizes small allows us to cater to our individual students’ needs– book a call with us today to learn more about how bina could be the perfect fit for your family.