Schooling that strikes a balance between standardisation and personalization. 

Don’t they need smaller group settings at this age?” “Would he feel truly seen and known?” “Can I offer her an education that caters to her unique needs?” “Is local education preparing her for the challenges and opportunities of our global society?”


We're here to help you consider the answers to those questions. At bina, were building a primary school to fit life today (and tomorrow).


What is precision education?

Precision education is about gaining deep continuous insights into a learner’s knowledge and understanding and crafting adaptive educational experiences accordingly. 
Let’s say Anna is learning by playing “Multiplication to the Moon” with Malik, and Malik gets stuck at 7. At bina, we consider the following: Is it over the 12-minute mark that Malik recently excelled in such activities? Is it his typical 1pm downtime? Does playing with Anna make it hard to concentrate? Or is it simply 7 (we all know 7 is an issue!)?
bina’s teachers are supported, so they spend their valuable time almost only on human-centred work– being with kids. It is a learning environment that thoroughly understands what your child already knows and how to build on that knowledge to further their development. 

How does precision education work?

Educators at bina swiftly and smoothly bring their students to specific digital spaces they visit together (we know that transitions are complex for everyone, particularly for little ones! We design specifically for them!). 
We gather and analyse data about our students’ progress within these digital spaces. We look at patterns to understand how and when they do best and are most joyful. Equipped with an accurate view of what each student knows and can do, we construct the most fitting micro-learning groups and content based on each student’s skills, knowledge, and disposition. 
We integrate the best educational tools into one seamless schooling experience. In this way, we’re able to we gain an end-to-end understanding of students’ development. 
On a big-picture level, we gain deep insight into teaching and learning digitally, allowing us to craft an educational offering that is always the “goldilocks” level for each learner– just challenging enough. 
At bina, we continually work toward curating learning experiences that meet our students right where they are and then guide them to reach their full potential. 
We deliver tailor-made lessons for our students with precision education, small class sizes, and experienced teachers. Does this resonate with you? If so, we’d love to get to know you and your kiddos and answer any questions. Book a call with us today. ✨