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bina Master Teachers have taught in schools all over the globe. Our teachers have:

  • A postgraduate degree
  • At least five years of teaching experience
  • English as their first language
  • Continual training / professional development

Learning sessions are led by one Master Teacher with a maximum number of six students. Students also attend breakout sessions, often in smaller groups, led by an Assistant Teacher.

Here are some of our teachers - click to meet them!


Our teachers have a postgraduate degree in education and at least 5 years of teaching experience. Click on their image below to meet some of them:


Education Lead

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Master Teacher

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Master Teacher

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Master Teacher

How we teach


In our small classrooms, our teachers have the time and energy to get to know their students beyond the surface level, becoming familiar with their strengths, needs, dispositions, and interests.

Our teachers are able to customise lessons based on what their small class needs that day. Depending on the response of their students to a particular topic, our teachers can adjust their pace and allocate more or less time to digest the material if they observe that it’s needed.

Active learning is sticky learning, and that’s what we do (mostly).

Our Master Teachers have a whole toolbox of strategies to keep our kiddos captivated and immersed in their learning journey.

They draw connections between academic content and students’ real-life experiences and favourite activities. Lessons at bina incorporate music, dance, art, games, humour,


Giving our students helpful, specific, and frequent feedback is a cornerstone of how we work at bina.

Accurate, precise, ongoing assessment (yes, please!) is used instead of general, broad, periodic assessment (oh, no, please don’t).

Individualised feedback is made possible through small class sizes; our teachers are able to evaluate their students on a daily basis to ensure that everyone is understanding the material and reaching their full potential.

We call that precision education.

How we relate to learners

We respect each learner for who they are

We respect each learner for who they are

We are exceptionally intentional about the way in which we approach teaching at bina. We respect each learner for who they are with a sense of wonder, vulnerability, and empathy. Our teachers recognise that part of their job is to direct their students’ innate curiosity to get them to incredible places safely and joyfully (we make clear decisions on where we are headed and communicate those too).

We balance standardisation and personalisation

We balance standardisation and personalisation

We know that development is non-linear, but there are typical developmental phases in a developing brain. We balance standardisation and personalisation by continuously evaluating skill, knowledge, and disposition (and depth). We then craft next steps accordingly.

Learning is a social activity

Learning is a social activity

Learning is a social activity; we design educational experiences at bina to reflect that. We build live, synchronous activities that foster interaction with peers and teachers. We prioritise creating a welcoming, accepting, and encouraging environment in our classrooms. When our students feel comfortable and secure, they’re more likely to take learning risks, admit that they need help, and be more engaged in their learning overall.

Join us

If you are an experienced educator and our approach to learning resonates with you, we’d love to get to know you.

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